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As a TEAMZ project manger I want let you know that we are here to build community, and have family of members around the world 🌐, and as a true believers we own you love and respect ,and we make sure you always in profit.

1- Payback community wallet 5% of the royalty 📥
2- Airdrop collection for our top holders 💰 💰💰
3- voting rights 🖐️
4- join our discord private channel weekly news update about crypto and NFTS 🤫
5- alpha call group.💎
6- get chance to join our gang club with exclusive advantages 😈
7- WL for future projects and giveaways 🤝

Release date (UTC) Mint price Supply
3 Dec - 07:00 PM 2.00 sol 3333

No NFT items available for this collection yet