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Micronies DaO

1st Quarter 4/22 - 8/22
Building the D.A.O. Community- We plan to Build a resourceful community of dedicated investors on both ends of the spectrum to not only invest by buying and staking an NFT but also the Opportunity to become a ground level developer or Partner on Our Team throughout the time leading up to the Mint we will be holding Competitions for Whitelist's as well as free mint giveaways
Dev applications
Mint applications
Start Treasury
2nd Quarter 8/13/22~ 12/13/22
Micronies Mint
-Micronies D.a.O. Treasury 40%
-LLC papers 2%
-Online clothing store for our brand 4%
- Mining Operation 44%
-Fee reimbursement for setup and time, next project 10%
2nd Market listing
- NFT holders 5% Royalties on aftermarketsales
holder verification
online Clothing Store Creation/Opening
DAO roll voting
Dev roll voting
crypto mining contract voting
$LITToken Creation
mining implication
3rd Quarter 1/23~4/23
Begin developing The Littibox A Sandbox like Metaverse with Multiple Realms and Play to Earn Gaming complete with land grab competitions to create your vision and Find Your Place in the Littibox Grow Marijuana Work in the jungle or just be and Old Sol Boomer working the land start a family and grow your assets with the $LITToken Ecosystem and Relax !
Tin Litti Art Mint listing - 444 Unique Artwork Either Hand drawn and remastered or created with A.I. Available for staking for $LITToken after mint! 50% aftermarket sales go to the holder 20% go to the DaO Treasury 20% go to LittiBox development !
Farts in Jars Mint Listing- Private Sale Exclusive Batch of 3344 Unique lil' Stinkers ready to open up a jar on the Solana Blockchain! each fart is your Exclusive pass to double your mining/Staking and when the time comes convert Your Micronie to a 3d OG Micronies 50% aftermarket sales go to the holder 20% go to the DaO Treasury 20% go to LittiBox development
SolTrains Mint- Private Sale Exclusive 1113 Soltrains Rolling through the Solana blockchain investigating scam NFT mints and shutting them down on the blockchain and restoring lost funds Also Ownership allows your wallet to both stake and Real world mine with your Micronies!
Universal Soveriegn Dollar (USD) creation - Only stablecoin on market to be 1.00 valued with same disable denomination as a dollar
Real world wallet development - We will be creating the ultimate Nft holders wallet with a multi-chain loop giving the private user the most secure and convenient user experience with add in features and new capabilities that when utilized with your $LITToken will give you the resources to live off it
Character wallet development - a wallet for the character in game to collect their funds pretty much will be a dubbed down version of the Real world wallet
Micronies 3D NFT's for in LittiBox Metaverse and real world utilization
4Th Quarter 4/23~8/23

Sol Boomers - Exclusive Collection of 4444 Unique SolBoomers holding up the blockchain with they old ass!
In game 3D characters that hold 9-5's for $LITToken 500 $LITT per SB
The Lah(Sol Jungle King) - Exclusive Collection of 888 Unique Lah holding down the blockchain jungle
In game 3D characters that sell Marijuana in game for $LITToken 1000$LITT per Jk
Dragr - Exclusive Collection of 321 Unique Dragr holding up the blockchain out for $LITT! 108 Dragr will be dropped with Sol Boomers,107 with The Lah, & 106 with The Micronies! In game 3D characters that are hellbent on taking over the Littibox and though small in number they band together and rob other charters for their $LITT and/or SolStrains(*BUD)
The Ladies- Exclusive Collection of 272 Unique Ladies looking for a Micronie on the Solana blockchain watchout boys they might get prego! 104, LadySB will be dropped, 104 Lady Lah, 56 Lady Micronies, & 8 Dragr! In game 3D characters that are trying to settle down and start a family of earners Each Lady can have up to 3 Children and each child once matured will own 10% less then there fathers
Land Grab- Once everything in place and our LittiBox Universe is set up and running we will start alpha testing $LITT & Land P2E Competitions as well as Game making Competitions for $LITT & Land we will Mint 7777 slabs of land to live rent whatever you choose to do with it
Sol Seeds/ sol fem seeds - A collection of 3333 Marijuana Seeds that that may or may not be male or female chances are 70/30 M/F also with a 70/30% chance for a regular seeds and an Auto Seeds Dropping in Packs of 3 making it 1,111 Mint !!! A Collection of 998 Feminized Seeds with a 70/30% chance for a regular Feminized seeds and Auto Feminized Seeds Dropping in Packs of 2 making it a 499 Mint!
Legendary Sol Strains - Now As Connoisseurs of the finest Marijuana we have come to find that some strains are scarce and we cant scourer the blockchain for them but we can make a Collection of 44 of Our Favorite classic strains and set you up with Clones to Grow,Cross-bread,Seed out whatever you decide
Warning All Marijuana grown in the game is for smoking *Solbud will be grown and smoked just like the real thing i.e. every step to grow it will need to be followed and plants must be monitored at all times for their survival just like the real thing and though we will cut superficial info out for gameplay fact will be real and useable in the real world as well as the *Solbud once grown will be able to be made into wax, edibles, or rolled and smoked
Plus more to come think Entertainment invest in the best

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13 Aug - 04:20 PM 1.30 sol 7813
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